Estey Paperdolls

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At the back of this card:

Little Miss Muffett who sat on a tuffet,
Eating her curds and whey,
Said it wasn't a spider that sitting beside her
Caused her to quick run away!
"An Estey," said she "was calling to me
And then not a second I'd stay --
To the parlor I ran when sister began
On the Estey her music to play.

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At the back of this card:

Little Bo-Peep where are your sheep?
Not in the meadow, fast asleep!
And on the hills, to left or right,
There's nary a scary sheep in sight!
But in a farm house yard they stand,
Hearing the Estey, sweet and grand
And you may call 'til the set of sun
But they won't come home 'til the music's done.

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At the back of this card:

Poor Mary, Mary, quite contrary
Watching her garden grow --
Why Mary, Mary, was contrary,
No one seemed to know --
The Estey was playing a tinkling dance
That held her captive so,
When her mother told her to water the plants,
She hated, of course, to go!


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At the back of this card:

Little Boy Blue come blow your horn,
'Til the air to tatters is trumpet-torn;
Telling the people the virtues grand
of the Estey - sweetest in all the land!
Gently blow in a minor key,
Piping its wonderful melody-
Oh" little Boy Blue its praises blow
And you only tell what the people know.

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At the back of this card:

When Little Jack Horner
sat down in a corner;
To eat up a Christmas pie;
It wasn't the plum he held in his thumb;
That brought a contented sigh!
But clear as a bell on his ears there fell;
The sound of the Estey clear,
And he gave no thought to the plum he'd sought,
When the Estey reached his ear!

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At the back of this card:

What are you doing Bootjack boy?
" I'm trying to shine" said he,
Like the Estey Organ great and grand,
That shines as first in the big , broad land,
And sounds so sweet to me!
It began at the foot, like me" he said,
"but now it has climed right up to the head". 

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At the back of this card:

When little Tom Tucker was to sing for his supper,
and it wasn't to come til he sang.
He sat down to play in a satisfied way,
and wait til the supper bell rang!
From the Estey's keys came such melodies
enhancing Tom's voice in his song,
That the folks piled his plate from 6 until 8,
and his supper was two hours long.

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At the back of this card:

The Match Girl

What are you doing, matchgirl, blonde?
"I'm trying to think", said she,
"If in this box that I have here,
There's a match for the Estey Organ clear
That's famed from sea to sea!
Its match, I fear, will never be found
For wondrous worth and beautiful sound!". 

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At the back of this card:

The Shoe-String Boy

"What are you doing, shoe-string boy?"
"I'm thinking of strings," said he,
"And wishing that Sunday came to-day,
And I'd hear in church the Estey play
It's beautiful songs to me!
For the sole of the shoe my shoe-strings bind
Is not the same soul that the Estey 'll find."

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