About the Reed Organ Society

Welcome to the Reed Organ Society. Founded in 1981, the Society is an international, non-profit organization devoted to the appreciation, study, collection, restoration and preservation of reed organs. Membership is open to anyone who is genuinely interested in reed organs. If you enjoy these organs and want to learn more about them, there is a place for you in the ROS.

The Reed Organ Society does not appraise reed organs. Some individual members are qualified to do so.

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Scope of instruments we are interested in

The scope of instruments ranges from harmonicas, accordions, concertinas, and lap organs, through melodeons, harmoniums, parlor, chapel, and church organs to mechanical player organs, whether they be foot-pumped, hand-cranked, or motorized.

Aims of the Reed Organ Society

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President: Michael Hendron (havishamSF@gmail.com)- 4628 18 St., San Francisco, CA 94114, USA
Vice-president: Nelson Pease
(nbpease@comcast.net) - 38 Pearl St., Palmer, MA 01069
Secretary: Allen Myers (acmyers65@yahoo.com)
- PO Box 111, Brooklin, ME 04616
Treasurer: Charlie Robison
(reedorgansociety@yahoo.com) - PO Box 47, Independence, MO 64051-0047


Region I (U.S. Northeast):
Reed Fennel (srfenn4@yahoo.com) - 4 Winfield Rd, Worthington PA 16262-2825

Region II (U.S. South, and Central and South America):
David Perkins (386-748-4640) - 507 N. Boundary Ave. DeLand, FL 32720

Region III (U.S. MidWest):
Brian Ebie (ebie0967@yahoo.com) -1636 Sawyer St, Mogadore OH 44260-1532

Region IV (U.S. West):
Martin Ellis (martinellis@comcast.net) - 15668 SW Bulrush Lane Tigard, OR

Region V (Canada, United Kingdom and Ireland):
Tony Newnham (revtonynewnham@gmail.com) - 32 Juliet Dr., Rugby, CV22 6LY, United Kingdom

Region VI (Europe and Africa):
Louis Huivenaar
(info@harmoniums.com) - Industrielaan 16a 6951 KG Dieren, Netherlands

Region VII (Australia, New Zealand and Asia):
Rosalie Wainwright (milrose@ihug.co.nz) - 50 Tay St, Woodville, New Zealand


Charlie & Pam Robison (reedorgansociety@yahoo.com) - PO Box 47, Independence, MO 64051-0047

Organ Database Manager:
Don Swett (don_swett@comcast.net) - 595 S. Alton Way
Apt. 3D, Denver, CO 80247-5816

Rodney Jantzi (rodneyjantzi@gmail.com) - 36 Village Green Way, Baden, ON N3A 2V7

Activities and Events:
Dana Hull - 1407 E. Stadium Blvd., Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Teen ROS Experience:
Tommy Quinn - 1290 Old Hackleburg Rd., Hackleburg, AL 35564-4032

Technical Mentor:
Paul Toelken - PO Box 25133, Prescott Valley, AZ 86312-5133

Website Manager:
Rodney Jantzi (rodneyjantzi@gmail.com) - 36 Village Green Way, Baden, ON N3A 2V7


Quarterly Editor:

Robert Schmitz (sekndbass@aol.com ) 5925 Grace Lee Ave, Sykesville MD, 21784-8713

Editorial Board:
Paul Toelken P.0.Box 25017, Prescott Valley, AZ 86312 USA

Publication Chairman:

Publications Secretary:
Beverly Pease 38 Pearl St., Palmer, MA 01069-1739

Publications Archives:
Nelson B. Pease 38 Pearl St., Palmer, MA 01069-1739

Directory Preparation:
Charlie & Pam Robison PO Box 47, Independence, MO 64051-0047

Index Preparation:
Joop Rodenburg Zweerslaan 1, 6711 GD Ede, Netherlands

Music Consultant:
Michael Hendron 4628 18th Street, San Francisco, CA 94114

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