Compton, McMaster & Co, Lockport, NY

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"The 7 and 8 Puzzle" is on the front of this multiple advertising trade card. The directions: The solution of this puzzle is to cover 7 of the 8 points as follows: Take a penny, place it on any star, move it along a straight line to the opposite star and stop. Then another, and so on till seven stars are covered. Always start from a vacant star; never move the same penny but once. The reverse has advertisements for six companies from Lockport:

  • Wm. C. Compton pianos, organs Pine Street, Lockport, New York
  • Williams Bros. finest stock of black & colored velvets, black & colored silks, & all the novelties in fine black dress goods 97 Main Street, Lockport, New York.
  • J.C. Penfold painter & decorator, dealer in wall paper, paints, oils, glass, window shades & fixtures 17 Main Street, Lockport, New York.
  • Simon Beir millinery & fancy goods Nos. 90 & 92 Main Street, Lockport, New York.
  • McCue & Fairfield lumber , gas & steam fitters McRae Block, Pine Street, Lockport, New York.
  • Boston 99 cent Store toys & holiday goods 85 Main Street, Lockport, New York.

Lithographer signed: Copyrighted by C.C. Knowlton, Buffalo, N.Y.

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