ROS Quarterly 2008, Vol. XXVII, No. 2


Table of contents:
  • President's Message, by Paul Carey
  • Editor's Message, by Jim Tyler
  • On the Cover
  • A Wee Kist o' Whistles, by Lawton Posey
  • Remembering Lonnie Kuhn, by Nelson Pease
  • A French Harmonium Hunt (Part I), by Michael Hendron
  • The Reed Organ in Finland, by Joop Rodenburg
  • Pennsylvania ROS Gathering 2009, by Rev. Mark Herr
  • The Swedish Reed Organ, by Bengt Edqvist
  • Going Home (Sort of), by Jim Tyer
  • Two John Holt Giants, by Milton & Rosalie Wainwright
  • A Singular Case (Part 6), by Mark Jefford
  • Saltaire Festival, 2007, by rev. Tony Newnham
  • Advertisements

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