ROS Quarterly Spring 2004, Vol. XXIII, No. 1

Table of contents:
  • Message from President: the Reisner Organ, by Pam Fluke
  • On the cover: The automatic organ
  • Comments by the treasurer, by Jim Quashnock
  • Annual report of the secreary, 2003, by Brenda Ebie
  • Report 2003 - ROS Website, by Joop Rodenburg
  • Reconstruction of Bilhor Telescope organ, by R. Billinger
  • The Bilhorn Organ, by Pam Fluke
  • Friends of the Reed Organ Society
  • eBay Watchdog, by Tom Gregory
  • Johnson Music, by Brenda Ebie
  • What is a reed organ worth?, by Coleman Kimbrell
  • Estey Organ Exhibit Brattleboro, by Ned Phoenix
  • Bruckner 7th Symphony with harmonium, by Brenda Ebie
  • Reed Organ Fest Fayette announcement

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